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We do have a couple of older male puppies to offer for sale to good homes here and overseas where they will be appreciated to their full potential. Fully health checked and vaccinated

Contact me for photos and information


Nicola Calvert

Calvdale English Springer Spaniels

Mobile : +44 (0)7866 593153

Home:  +44 (0)1609 77861

We are Kennel Club Assured Breeders and as such all dogs involved in our breeding programme have  either been tested for

or are  proved hereditarily clear of the following:-


DNA Fuco

DNA PRA Cord 1 Mutation


Hold a current annual eye certificate

All are microchipped

Our puppies are also socialised with small children.


We will continue to strive to produce sound and healthy stock both for

ourselves to continue on with  and for others who purchase our puppies

both at home and abroad.

the Kennel club.jpeg


Just a short note to tell you that all is well with our new puppy.  He is still doing great and is the star of the puppy class. The trainer thinks he is the best thing since sliced bread!

Just to let you know that our puppy has settled beautifully and is getting on fabulously. Where do I start.?  She is an absolute beauty. Excellent in the house, brilliant off and on the lead. Loves to mix with other dogs. Kids are crazy about her. I am constantly being showered with compliments about her when we are out on our walks

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