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Anyone purchasing or thinking of purchasing an English Springer Spaniel should make sure that they have read up on the breed and are sure that an English Springer is going to be a fulfilled ‘member of the family’ if that is what they decide to do. Also please, please be aware that the breed falls into to distinct types – those bred for the field to work with the gun and those bred for showing. Apart from the colour they can be very very different in temperament and general behaviour. If you are wanting a pet/companion then the showbred dog is probably better for you even though you are not planning on showing it.  The working bred dog can be a lot more active and for some very much more like hard work to live with.  The working bred dog is bred exactly for the purpose of working and unless you can provide that kind of home where they are going to be stimulated by being used to the gun, then perhaps you need a little more assistance with your choice. Ask people who have had English Springers as pets. Speak to your vet or local kennel owner or dog trainer. Find out exactly what it is you are looking for so that once you make the purchase it will hopefully be a happy partnership for the life of the dog.

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