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Puppy Information & Guidelines

As mentioned in other places on our site, we are Accredited Breeders and have been for some time now. That means that we as breeders try to do all we can to assure that the stock we are breeding from is healthy, fit and has had all the necessary health checks before we involve it in our breeding programme.  We do this so that we can say we ‘have done all we can’ to make sure that the puppies we offer out to sale are given the very best chance of being healthy themselves and thus ‘Fit for Function’ to the very best of our knowledge and ability.


There are lots of challenges facing the dog breeding and showing fraternity today. We believe it is supremely important that all breeders do the very best they can to ensure that the right path is being followed. It is important to us as breeder/exhibitors that we set the highest of standards to counter the increasing number of detractors.


We will enter into discussion with anyone who is perhaps thinking about purchasing an English Springer and make sure it is the correct dog of choice for you before you buy.  We also send off all our puppies to their new homes with all supporting documentation and every bit of assistance we can offer after thirty years association with the breed and it doesn’t cease once they have left us. Many of our puppy purchasers keep contact with us via e mail and we are only too pleased to receive the last photos and ‘bulletins’ regarding their canine family member from Calvdale. Several of our puppy purchasers have returned to us for a second and even a third English Springer over the years. Some have become long term friends in both this country and abroad.


If you are thinking of purchasing an English Springer Spaniel, we will be only too pleased to assist you towards a satisfactory purchase of either one of our own puppies or one from another responsible party in your area.


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Anyone purchasing or thinking of purchasing an English Springer Spaniel should make sure that they have read up on the breed and are sure that an English Springer is going to be a fulfilled ‘member of the family’ if that is what they decide to do. Also please, please be aware that the breed falls into to distinct types – those bred for the field to work with the gun and those bred for showing. Apart from the colour they can be very very different in temperament and general behaviour. If you are wanting a pet/companion then the showbred dog is probably better for you even though you are not planning on showing it.  The working bred dog can be a lot more active and for some very much more like hard work to live with.  The working bred dog is bred exactly for the purpose of working and unless you can provide that kind of home where they are going to be stimulated by being used to the gun, then perhaps you need a little more assistance with your choice. Ask people who have had English Springers as pets. Speak to your vet or local kennel owner or dog trainer. Find out exactly what it is you are looking for so that once you make the purchase it will hopefully be a happy partnership for the life of the dog.

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